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Bug HUnter

A Bug Hunter is an individual who knows the mastery of cyber Security and Hacking, The bug bounties find the loopholes in any website or software, which may allow accomplishing something that one should not be able to.
Cyber security is a vast topic, and you can not master its just in a few days or months, when it comes to learning the cyber
Security and Hacking, its completely depends on you and how you want fast you want to learn. you have to have option either go for a short time Training or you either take a full time training.
you can use following books and youtube video for short times Training
1. The web application Hacker , 2.web hacking
there are several video and resource,book for bug hunting, but above there are considered to be one of the
if you are planning full time training further then you can always join Cyber security course
such as CEH,ECSA, NETWORKWORLD Inc offers unique Mastery in hacking course, which will covers vast level cyber Security and bug hunting and Auditing, course will make you Defiantly Hackers and Cyber Security Engineers

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